5 Proper Ways to Apply Perfume.

Table of Content:
1. Apply right after showering onto dry skin.
2. Apply perfume 3-6 inches from your body.
3. Apply perfume to heated areas of your body.
4. Start with a light application.
5. Re-apply perfume if Needed

Most people are applying perfume in the wrong way. Maybe you’ll think that is not a big deal since perfume does not affect your appearance, right?

Well, perfume plays an important role in who you are as it introduces you before you even step into the room. Knowing how to apply cologne is an art form which, if not done properly, can lead to either over-application or a scent that fades almost immediately. People usually spray it on their clothes right before they walk out the door to start their day. Unfortunately, this is not the best way to apply perfume. By applying your fragrance properly, it will perform better which makes you more attractive and confident and helps you to appear that way to those around you.

Proper Ways to Apply Perfume

1. Apply Right After Showering Onto Dry Skin

Shower cleanses your body from any other scents and opens up your pores, which helps to absorb the scent. Completely dry your skin and spray.

2. Apply Perfume 3-6 Inches From Your Body

If you hold the bottle any closer you risk over-applying; any further and you will likely under-apply.

3. Apply Perfume to Heated Areas of Your Body

The heated areas of your body help to diffuse the scent throughout the day. The body heat allows it to meld with your body chemistry to develop your signature scent. By doing so, your perfume will perform better with a stronger sillage. That’s why the same perfume smells differently on different people. Heated areas include your neck, chest, pulse points, forearms, inner elbows or behind your ears.

4. Start With A Light Application

If you’re new to using fragrances, you would want to try it out before applying to all of the aforementioned heated body areas. Choose one to two areas to start off. If you feel that your scent fades away quickly, you can choose another area and spray on it next time. You might want to ask others’ opinions as you can become nose-blind to the scent you wear often.

5. Re-apply perfume If Needed

Perfume might perform differently due to many reasons. If you notice the scent has faded away, just reapply it anytime you feel like. You wouldn’t expect the perfume you wear in the morning to smell the same in the evening right? It’s good to carry our Travel-Friendly perfume around in your bag and keep yourself attractive all the time. More than 200 perfumes to select, click HERE to try it now.

Now you know how to apply your fragrance properly. But do you know what are the common mistakes when applying fragrance? Click HERE to check if you’ve made any of the 8 common mistakes.

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