Designer vs. Niche Fragrances

Have you ever come wonder what’s a niche perfume? You must be familiar with some well-known brands such as Gucci, Prada, Versace, right? These are the brands that sell designer fragrances. So what is the difference between designer and niche fragrances?

Designer Brand vs. Niche Brand

Generally speaking, designer fragrances are sold by fashion designer brands that involve in clothing and accessories designing, while the niche ones are created and sold by companies that focus exclusively on perfume.

There’s a myth that niche perfumes are created by perfumers-artistes and designer stuff is created by the somehow lower class of perfumers. In fact, some of the most successful master perfumers have creation in both designer and niche companies. Alberto Morillas, for instance, created Acqua Di Gio Profumo from Giorgio Armani and Dark Lord by the house of By Kilian.

Source: Perfume Society

In the past, there was a clear division between niche and designer fragrances. This distinction however is getting blurrier as designer brands start releasing exclusive or limited edition lines. Examples are the La Privee line from Christian Dior and Le Vestiaire Des Parfums from YSL.

Source: Bergdorf Goodman


Art and creativity are the priority in niche perfumery as their creations are much more unique. On the other hand, designer perfumes tend to formulate popular scent in the market.

Ingredient wise, niche perfumes usually use higher quality of aroma chemicals and ingredients. Hence, they have natural smell compared to designer perfumes.

Niche perfumes are often the result of a boutique of artisanal perfume studio whose production is on a much smaller scale that create limited batches of certain fragrances. Niche perfume houses focus solely on crafting perfumes rather than producing a variety of different products.

Price-value proposition

Due to small scale production and higher quality of ingredients, niche perfumes are much costly than designer perfumes. Are niche perfumes worth it? If you’re looking for a scent that most people are not likely to own, then yes it is. Keep in mind that you’re paying the premium for the art and creativity.

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However, if you’re open to having a more generic perfume at an affordable price, designer perfumes may be the better option for you.

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Niche or designer, it’s your decision and nobody is going to judge that. The only important thing in the fragrance game is to find yourself a scent you love. Cheers